Center for Klangkunst

“Atem Møen”

  • Miki Yui

Atem Møen is a poetic installation created for Kunsthal 44Møen. Atem was first shown in Parochialkirche in Berlin in 2006. For this new version Miki Yui has collaborated with the architect Peter Bysted on designing a new temporary pavilion at Kunsthal 44Møen.

Atem Møen resonates with subtle movements in light, sound, air and bodies. Yui carefully orchestrates a translucent, condensed atmosphere, where inside and outside, coincidence and composition blend together.

Visitors are encouraged to take time and dwell in Atem Møen.

Miki Yui is born 1971 in Tokyo. She is an artist, composer and musician and has since 1994 been based in Düsseldorf, Germany.

Yui is a multi-disciplinary artist, crossing the boundary of music, performance, radio production, drawing and installation. With a background in fine art, she explores the grey zone of our perception and imagination, and creates subtle and poetic work.

Since 1999 Yui is known for her unique minimalistic and organic approach to music. From a delicate tiny hiss to a distant hum, electronic sounds and field recordings are woven into music with a narrative tension.

On June 26. Miki Yui plays a concert on the terrace next to the pavillon, in which her subtle acoustic intervention attracts listener’s attention to the actual process in the environment, and transforms the environmental sounds as part of a music.

The Exhibition is generously supported by Wiliam Demant Fonden, Augustinusfonden, SNYK and Danish Arts Foundation. Curated by Ursula Block.