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“Mosquito Revenge”

  • Vivian Caccuri

Vivian Caccuri: "Mosquito Shrine llI" (2021)
© Courtesy of the Artist, Courtesy of Frances Reynolds Collection

Kunsthal 44Møen is proud to present Mosquito Revenge, the first solo presentation in Denmark by the Brazillian artist Vivian Caccuri. 

Mosquito Revenge retells the story of European colonization of “the new world” with mosquitoes as main characters. In this story the insect is seen as a paramilitary force – referring to the power of tropical nature – that is disturbed by new artificial structures, poorly planned dams, sugar plantations and slavery. As a result of this overall catastrophe the mosquitoes become ubiquitous and deadly.

Mosquito Revenge grows out of Vivian Caccuri’s long interest in medical histories and her study of eighteenth-century records of diseases in the Western Hemisphere. It forms a visual and auditory imagery for the consequences of colonial attempts to conquer nature.

In her work Vivian Caccuri often seeks to reshape everyday experiences and disrupt traditional narratives by focusing on sensory perceptions, especially sound, and its social, historical and political context. Through the use of objects, installations and performances she creates situations that disorient everyday experiences and disrupt established meanings and narratives.

The exhibition is generously supported by 15. Juni Fonden, Augustinusfonden, Knud Højgaards Fond, Louis-Hansens Fond, SNYK and Danish Arts Council. Curated by Julia Rodrigues