Kunsthal 44Møen is an international exhibition space located on the island of Møn, in southern Denmark.

The kunsthalle was established in 2008 by German curator and collector René Block in close collaboration with a group of friends with tight ties to the island: Danish artist Bjørn Nørgaard, Danish experimental composer and Fluxus artist Henning Christiansen.

Since its foundation, Kunsthal 44Møen has been presenting an ambitious exhibition program featuring both emerging and well-established artists from Denmark and abroad.

The kunsthalle's program reflects its founders' legacies such as FLUXUS, the Copenhagen School of Painting ('Ex-Skolen') happenings and experimental music, and is supplemented by a rich public program including talks, performances, concerts, and educational activities.
Kunsthal 44Møen runs a program of residencies for artists, curators and researchers.


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