“Bird Calls”

  • Signe Boe

The main work in the installation with the title Worthy Words for Walky Talks is a sound and video work. By musical means, it lures the viewer to the attic of the old Smithy where eight smartphones are installed under the beams, depicting a flock of birds communicating with each other through song, image sharing and texting. The protagonist in the bird flock is fed up with the herd mentality, the platitudes and courtesy phrases, and wishes to break free from the conventional talk in order to say what has not yet been said. The other birds begin to repeat the protagonist in a round, which eventually decomposes the original sentence and drowns it out.

A stained glass window is installed in the ground floor showing a schematic top view of the area surrounding Kunsthal 44Moen. On sunny days, the window will throw a bird’s-eye view on to the exhibition.
The staff of Kunsthal 44Moen are wearing rings of bronze with the infinite text: over and over and..

Signe Boe is a Master of Fine Arts from the Sculpture School Charlottenborg at The Royal Danish Academy of Fine Arts, School of Visual Arts in 2017. She works with narration through extended cinema, where sculptural elements serve to support the fictional frame. She was born in 1988 in Djursland and lives and works in Vilnius and Copenhagen.

The exhibition is a collaboration between Kunsthal 44Møen and the Sculpture School Charlottenborg by Professor Martin Erik Andersen. The works were produced at The Royal Danish Academy of Fine Arts, School of Visual Arts, The Danish Art Workshops and Vilnius Art Academy.

Bird Calls