Main Building

“Imagine Mønhatten”

  • Group Exhibition

Henning Christiansen

44 Møen opens with the exhibition Imagine Mønhattan, which has participation of the following artists:
Lene Adler-Petersen, Henning Christiansen, Sabine Glaßer, Erik Hagens, Till Junkel, Sine Lewis, Ursula Munch-Petersen, Bjørn Nørgaard, Ursula Reuter Christiansen and Ane Mette Ruge.

This is an invitation to use the imagination – imagine a space for art that could be positioned at Manhattan, but is placed south of Sealand – between Copenhagen and Berlin! The exhibition Imagine Mønhattan presents works by a group of internationally engaged artists living at Møn. The second exhibition, opening August the 23th, is a solo show with the graphic and conceptual artist Lene Adler-Petersen. Both exhibitions take place parallel to the art festival U-TURN’s hybrid exhibition Food for Thought at “Sukkerfabrikken” in Stege.

44 Møen is an exhibition space initiated by EDITION MØEN, started in Askeby more than 20 years ago by an initiative of René Block. Works from René Block’s extensive collection of FLUXUS- and conceptual art will be of inspiration to coming exhibitions of international as well as local contemporary art. Furthermore, the exhibition space will focus on the format of editions, the building up of a library and an archive of the artists that 44 Møen is collaborating with.