“Isle of white water and dreams”

  • Andreas Führer

The solo presentation Isle of white water and dreams is an installation featuring a photographic series, a sound and video piece and a set of sculptures.
The span of work can be seen as reflections of ideas on containing and being contained and as an investigation of the collapse in which one becomes an other.
An undercurrent in the exhibition is the mathematical thought experiment known as the many worlds interpretation (MWI). 
MWI states that everything included in our existence, simultaneously can be found in all its possible outcomes in parallel universes. This basically means that when you are reading this text you are simultaneously not reading this text, and when you are visiting Møn, you are simultaneously not visiting Møn.
Andreas Führer

With participation and help from: Cæcilie Trier (CTM, Choir of Young believers, Marching Church, m.m.), Adrian Toubro (Lower), forfatter Asta Olivia Nordenhof og Michala Paludan.

* Andreas Führer (1980-) Lives in Copenhagen. Member of yoyooyoy