Main Building

“Quote; The Raven”

  • Jytte Høy

With this solo exhibition 44 Møen continues a remarkable exhibition programme that started with the opening of the exhibition space in the Summer of 2008. The artistic practice of Jytte Høy has a most relevant position in relation to the exhibition profile of 44 Møen – an international profile with many connections to the historical avantgarde, primarily the FLUXUS movement as well as the tendencies on a contemporary global art scene.

A solo exhibition is a unique oportunity to explore the works of Jytte Høy unfolded a cross periodes of time as well as artistic directions. The exhibition “Quote; The Raven” presents both retrospective and new works created especially for this exhibition. In Høys own words about the new group of works created for 44 Møen: “With an ofspring in Edgar Allan Poes poem ‘The Raven’, a gothic tale about fear, horor, longing, love and death, I have unfolded a sculptural landscape. It is not an illustration of the poem, but rather a parallel universe. The atmosphere of the poem is a fluent almost rambling sound and a reppetition of particular words, sounding as a warning. I have taken sentences from the poem, used them as titles of the single pieces and then apointed another, more abstract univers.” It is 44 Møen a pleasure to create the framework of a group of works created for and inspired by the exhibition space and its surroundings.

Jytte Høy is working with art as a form of communication where the terms of exchange are created between space, work and audience. From this point of view art does not have to make sense in a regular understanding of the word, it can point to a new or different kind of meaning in a certain context. As such, rules, structures, logic and principles, patterns, emotions and the signs that guide our everyday life, are central aspects of Høys practice. Within the uniqueness of every single work an ecco is sounding of ‘a fluxid way of thinking’ (Henning Christiansen) as well as frases from the clear language of conceptual art that can never be repeated, but always has to be formulated anew.