Main Building

“Møenlight Sonata – A homage to the starry sky of Møn”

  • Nevin Aladağ,

  • Darren Almond,

  • Rosa Barba,

  • KP Brehmer,

  • Olga Chernysheva,

  • Dorothee Diebold,

  • Maria Eichhorn,

  • Ayşe Erkmen,

  • Ceal Floyer,

  • Pravdoliub Ivanov,

  • Till Junkel,

  • Jarosław Kozłowski,

  • Imi Knoebel,

  • Daniel Knorr,

  • David Krippendorff,

  • Alicja Kwade,

  • Simon Lewis,

  • Bjørn Nørgaard,

  • Navid Nuur,

  • Sine Lewis,

  • Alexandra Paperno,

  • Nam June Paik,

  • Dan Perjovschi,

  • Sigmar Polke,

  • Sophia Pompéry,

  • Ursula Reuter Christiansen,

  • SUPERFLEX & Simon Starling,

  • Mariana Vassileva,

  • Els Vos,

  • Lawrence Weiner,

  • Maaria Wirkkala,

  • Nasan Tur

Sophia Pompéry, Atlas, 2017

To celebrate its tenth anniversary, Kunsthal 44Møen has put together a special constellation of stars under the lyric name “Møenlight Sonata”, alluding to Beethoven’s 14th sonata for piano, which he also referred to “quasi una fantasia”.

Among other works, the exhibition includes “Blackout” created by SUPERFLEX in collaboration with Simon Starling. Based on the 1941 design by Poul Henningsen for the Tivoli Gardens. The lamp was conceived to avoid projecting light upwards, allowing the park to stay open regardless of the blackout prohibitions during the Second World War. SUPERFLEX and Simon Starling set up a ‘Blackout-lamp’ factory in Kunsthallen Brandts in 2009, producing one lamp a day to be installed and gradually illuminate the exhibition rooms. As part of the work, a Heidelberger press was installed to print a new photograph documenting daily the production and installation process, each print forming the exhibition catalogue.

Sophia Pompéry shows Atlas – a situation in a dark room where there is a map of stars, in anodized aluminium, that is illuminated from the front. You see the stars in the sky like a coated surface as if there is no distance in between them. On the map, the stars are depicted across a surface area, and when you get even closer to the atlas – you do not recognize the names of constellations – where is the Milky Way? Aquarius? All constellations have been named after everyday objects.

Norroen Trilogy Møn becomes both the starting point and central focus of a series of exhibitions the next three years, for which young as well as internationally renowned artists are invited to engage with the extraordinary nature and history of this region, that has always attracted and inspired artists. The curator of the exhibition trilogy “Norroen” is René Block, the Kunsthal’s artistic director. René Block founded the avant-garde gallery Galerie René Block in Berlin (and later in New York) in 1964, and is since internationally known for his dedication to young and vanguard art, evident throughout his years as the director of several international Biennales (including those of Istanbul, Sydney and Cetinje) and art institutions including the Fridericianum in Kassel, TANAS �” project space for contemporary art from Turkey, and Edition Block in Berlin.

Maaria Wirkkala

Alicja Kwade

Nasan Tur

Alicja Kwade

Jaroslaw Kozlowski

Simon Lewis

Alexandra Paperno

Pravdoliub Ivanov

Till Junkel