Kunsthal 44Møen

Kunsthal 44Møen opens the season 2021 – June 5th. – with the project “Brittle Power”. Mainbuilding: Bulgarian artists: Rada Boukova, Luchezar Boyadjiev, Pravdoliub Ivanov, Vikenti Komitski, Nedko Solakov, Mariana Vassileva. Center for Klangkunst: Bulgarian composer Sibin Vassilev. The project space for young artist PS44: “Loving Eyes” af Kåre Frang.

5.6.– 5.9.2021

Main building

“Freedom is outside the skin”

  • Nanna Abell,

  • Pauline Boudry / Renate Lorenz,

  • Vivian Caccuri,

  • Henning Christiansen,

  • A K Dolven,

  • FOS,

  • Alexis Mark,

  • Bjørn Nørgaard,

  • Lea Porsager,

  • Charlotte Prodger,

  • Laure Prouvost,

  • Davinia Ann Robinson,

  • Sara Sachs,

  • Cally Spooner

Kunsthal 44 Møen presents “Freedom is outside the skin”, a group show of video, sound, and sculptural works by fourteen Danish and international artists across generations. The title of the exhibition, borrowed from one of the works on display by the late Danish composer and Fluxus artist Henning Christiansen, hints at the idea that freedom must be found outside ourselves; that without extending into our social surroundings through touch and interaction, our bodies can become prisons. While it celebrates the urgency to connect and live in communion with others, it opens up a question: if freedom is beyond the skin, can an edge be found between the inside and the outside?

The collection of works in the show suggests an affinity between the vibrational qualities of sound, and the skin as a complex, partly invisible surface that connects us to our social and natural environments.  Against the idea of the skin as a margin to the self, the pieces on display compose the image of a subjectivity played out in connection to the world; a reverberating interface whose uncertain boundaries soften the separation between inside and outside, nature and culture. The ambiguity of these dichotomies is reflected in the exhibition display, which is concentrated outdoors and in spaces of the institution that are not traditionally dedicated to the presentation of art: the kunsthalle’s storeroom, the utility cabinet, a staff bathroom, a bicycle shed, and so on.

The body is a major subject of investigation for several of the artists in the show and, although from different perspectives and through a variety of media, many of the pieces on display have the quality of pointing towards a liminal bodily space, neither completely internal nor external, real or metaphoric. Longing and intimacy, distance and tenderness, touch and sexuality are some of the issues explored by this collection of artworks. The exhibition plays with the idea of the kunsthalle being itself a body, wrapped by walls, doors, and windows in the same manner as the skin folds around our flesh; a body with its own sounds, smells and micro-life. As an organism with its own desires, the institution extends itself towards nature and the public haptically, attempting to touch our senses through the artworks. In this moment of time, when we have just witnessed how swiftly biopolitics can play out on the very surface of our bodies, ‘Freedom is outside the skin’ honours the importance of intimacy and desire as tools to cultivate a freedom, ground on collective power and embodied politics of care.

The exhibition is curated by South into North

The exhibition is supported by:  15. Juni Fonden, Augustinus Fonden, Knud Højgaards Fond, SPAR NORD, Statens Kunstfond

Laure Prouvost, If It Was, 2015

Sara Sachs, Temple, 2018

Vivian Caccuri, Clandestine Party, 2020

Nanna Abell, fri façon forfra fresko frottage uh!, 2020

Bjørn Nørgaard, Architectura Symbiotic - airbee’n’bee for free, 2017-2020

Lea Porsager, Vulgus (licking concrete) / (lickimg concrete), 2017–2020

A K Dolven, please return, 2014

Davinia-Ann Robinson, Earth, Body. 2020

Charlotte Prodger, B730001, 2016

Center for Klangkunst

“Smart Artist”

  • Claus Böhmler

The German sound and media artist Claus Böhmler’s (1939-2017) work puts modern image-producing machines, algorithms and the relationship between man and technology into perspective and explores with humor, anarchism and poetic strain, the tension between the digital and the analogue. His art makes practical use of technologies such as typewriters, photocopiers, cassette recorders, record players, Super 8 films, cameras, radios, film or slide projectors and video, which he combines and juxtaposes with drawing, painting, sculpture, graphics and performance.

The exhibition presents selected pages from the publication “Smart Artist” conveying a large number of Böhmler’s works in print. Including illustrations and text works, as well as animated films, video and audio compositions, which can be activated by visitors by scanning QR codes on their smartphone or on a tablet borrowed in the exhibition. The musical, the rhythmic, the time of sounds appears when the book is accessed as a score – everything with Böhmler is capable of finally becoming sound, singing, noise, music or percussion.

Another work in the exhibition is the video “Schallplattenarchiv auf Video” (1987), which shows how a record is placed on a record player and how the tonearm moves inward until the next record is put on. With the video, Böhmler invites us to patiently observe the grooves in the record and watch the media work – something that most of us would probably not spend time on otherwise. It is concise and precise humor that takes the medium literally/present the medium in the simplest of ways.   The German art historian Michael Glasmeier has edited the publication “Smart Artist” as well as curated this exhibition. He has worked with sound and media art, here, especially the late work of Claus Böhmler, in a large number of publications.

Claus Böhmler studied in Stuttgart and Düsseldorf in the 1960ies and was a former student of Josef Beuys. In almost 30 years (until 2015) he was a professor at the Hochschule für Bildende Künste Hamburg. His last major solo exhibition was in 2001 at Kunsthalle Fridericianum in Kassel and in 1999 at Kunsthalle Hamburg.


“The Orchestra”

  • Maiken Stæhr

Maiken Stæhr has created the exhibition-scenario “The Orchestra” in Kunsthal 44Møens project space for emerging artists PS44. Placed in the middle of the gallery’s old workshop is a sculpture, made from a digital church organ, and a group of faceless and headless papier-mache figures. Parallel to this scenario the relation between spectator and audience is activated by the work »We whistle while we listen«; a little rippling fountain surrounded by laid-back ceramic figurines. “The Orchestra” expands temporally and sculpturally in Pianohouse – one of the permanent works of the gallery – consisting of a grand piano now partially taken over by nature. The sound piece “Three in one organ to rule them all” composed by S. Gerup specially for “The Orchestra”, sets the tone of the installation. The piece has been performed and recorded on organs in two different churches as well as on the exhibition’s house organ. Together, all of these elements set the stage for an unfolding of a potential drama; for an “orchestra” (the ancient Greek term for ‘dancing place’) where music and performative experiments can materialize and take place with guests from near and far.

The sculptural, almost geometrical shape of the organ is placed in a power-position in the old blacksmith workshop. The organ is often identified as an instrument, but the artist associates it more to an image surface or shape than to its auditive, functional properties. Stæhr has already invited an audience of anticipating papier mache figures. As she explains: »The audience is standing in line, waiting for the astonishing to happen.«

For the duration of the exhibition, Stæhr hosts a number of performances and concerts with organizers, professional musicians, performance artists, designers, amateurs amongst others. In addition, »The Orchestra« will set the stage for a series of concerts with Benjamin Frimodt Pedersen and S. Gerup (4.7 1:30 pm) Christian Rønn (18.7 20 pm), Olga Szymula and Eli Gudnason (25.7 20 pm), Sune Lysdal and Nikolai (1.8 at 1:30 pm) Villiam Miklos Andersen (7.8 1:30 pm), Yrdloop (8.8 1:30 pm), Lucille Groos and Kirstine Bjerre (12.8 1:30 pm), Hanne Raffnsøe (13.8 1:30 pm), Oliver Nani (16.8 1:30 pm) Ragnhild May and Kristoffer Raasted (28.8 1:30 pm) Ditta Erös (29.8 16 pm) TS Høeg and P.O. Jørgens (6.9 16 pm). The exhibition program and documentation can be found on our Instagram as well as on our website. When the exhibition is over, Stæhr has created an audio portrait of the folk soul at Møn in the summer of 2020.

Maiken Stæhr (b. 1992) graduated from the Jutland Academy of Fine Arts in the summer of 2019. Stæhr works at the intersection of sculpture, movement and sound united in an always performative starting point. Through live performance and performative xxx installations, Stæhr examines man as the product of an organised, codified and hypersocial society. She frames and stages everyday repetitions as unreal and absurd.

Supported by Det Obelske Familiefond

"Three in one organ to rule them all", sound piece




"Three in one organ to rule them all", 2020, composition by S. Gerup

"Three in one orgen to rule them all", 2020, sound piece by S. Gerup

"We whistle while we listen", 2020

Events 2020

Previous events

Dialogues on art:

Saturday 4.7. kl. 11am – 6pm •
Opening: “Freedom is outside the skin” “Smart Artist” Claus Böhmler “The Orchestra” Maiken Stæhr

Sunday 19.7 2 pm •
The artist Nanna Abell and Bjørn Nørgaard in conversation (in danish)

Saturday 22.8. 2 pm •

Artists Davinia-Ann Robinson and Giulia Astesani, in a conversation via Zoom from London. Moderator: Francesca Astesani, co-curator (in English)

Saturday 5.9. 2 pm •  Arrangementet er aflyst
Henning Christiansen Archive Labels at 44Møen. Thorbjørn Reuter Christiansen and Mark Harwood present three new editions, in a conversation via Zoom from New York. (in English)

Concerts at  “The Orchestra” by Maiken Stæhr

Saturday 4.7. 4:30
Benjamin Frimodt Pedersen & S. Gerup “Three in one organ to rule them all”

Saturday 18.7. 8 pm
Christian Rønn, musician and composer, “Organum Transformatio”

Saturday 25.7. 8 pm
Olga Szymula “mmm together” – Experimental (Composition)

Friday 1.8. 1:30 pm Sune Lysdal and Nikolai

Friday 7.8. 1:30 pm Villiam Miklos Andersen

Saturday 8.8. 8 pm
Yrdloop Gruppen performs a new musical play about energy sources and working conditions in a fictional village community. The narrative springs from their debut album “A Big Warm Welcome to Kjjfauefsyu” from 2019

12.8 1:30 pm Lucille Groos and Kirstine Bjerre

13.8 1:30 pm Hanne Raffnsøe

16.8 1:30 pm Oliver Nani

28.8 1:30 pm Ragnhild May and Kristoffer Raasted

29.8 1:30 pm Ditta Erös Journey, Wondering

The program will consist of 2 parts (2-2 pieces)
Journey. The first part based on bright beautiful harmonies: Journey, These were inspired by moving to Denmark.
Wondering.The second part takes us to the vampire ball: Draculina’s Waltz

Saturday 29.8., 1.30 pm
Ditta Erös, organist in Lillebrænde church. Educated from the solo class at The Franz Liszt Academy of Music in Budapest.

30.8 kl. 1.30 pm Stefan Bakmand

3.9 kl. 1.30 Lisbet Laugesen

Saturday 6.9., 1.30 pm  TS Høeg and P.O. Jørgens


Kunsthal 44Møen is an international exhibition space located on the island of Møn, in southern Denmark.

The kunsthalle was established in 2008 by German curator and collector René Block in close collaboration with a group of friends with tight ties to the island: Danish artist Bjørn Nørgaard, Danish experimental composer and Fluxus artist Henning Christiansen.

Since its foundation, Kunsthal 44Møen has been presenting an ambitious exhibition programme featuring both emerging and well-established artists from Denmark and abroad.

The kunsthalle’s programme reflects its founders’ legacies such as FLUXUS, the Copenhagen School of Painting (‘Ex-Skolen’) happenings and experimental music, and is supplemented by a rich public program including talks, performances, concerts and educational activities.

Kunsthal 44Møen hosts the Henning Christiansen Archive and runs a programme of residencies for artists, curators, and researchers.